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1 Intended for the individual G1 GoBots ( Bad Boy , Bug Bite , Path Finder , Road Ranger , Small Foot and Treds ), who were ultimately not individually named out of fear of potential copyright conflicts with Bandai .

Green Mountain Cotton Candy will move from out front of Saratoga Arts into the Lake Ave School Gym #2 to escape the cold!

In 2004, they began selling Japanese music CDs in South Korea and Avex President Max Matsuura "spotted" former idol Ami Suzuki performing live at the annual festival of their school, Nihon University . He subsequently signed her to the Avex label. [13]

 · The 'blue plate' ones are wired differently to the standard Decca XMS heads : KB fitted a much more elaborate pick-up equaliser on the 'grams and disc reproducers that ...

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TRF - World GrooveTRF - World GrooveTRF - World GrooveTRF - World Groove